Jerry D. Adams

Adams Land & Cattle, LLC  |  Broken Bow, NE

Jerry Adams is one of the two major principals of Adams Land & Cattle, LLC, one of the premier beef feedlot operations in the world.  The other major principal is his brother, Bill. Together, they serve as the Board Members of Adams Land & Cattle, LLC. 

Jerry returned to his parent’s, Russell and Angenette, farm and backgrounding cattle feeding business in 1972 as Vice President and one of only six total employees. The company has grown to a multi-location cattle feeding and North America supply driven backgrounding business.  Jerry has performed most of the front line and management responsibilities as he has transitioned from Vice President to President to his current role of CEO.

Jerry was born and raised in Broken Bow, Nebraska. He attended the University of Nebraska at Lincoln. He majored and focused in agriculture economics, animal science and mathematics and received his Bachelor of Science in 1971.  After graduation he worked for ConAgra in acquisitions and feed pricing responsibilities. 

Jerry has been married to Linda since 1972. They have three children, Amy, Melissa and Scott and seven grandchildren.