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Importance of BQA by Adams Employees

We recently asked our employees to share “Why Beef Quality Assurance is important to your role at Adams” and/or “How are the principles of Beef Quality Assurance embodied at Adams”. We received amazing submissions, including 2 from our winners, Anna Link and Dan Stoll. They received a trip to Orlando to the NCBA Cattle Industry Convention and helped receive our 2024 National Beef Quality Assurance Feedlot of the Year award. Check out their submissions below.


Dan Stoll, Operations Engineering Technician:

“Beef Quality Assurance is important to my role as an Operations Engineering Technician at Adams Land and Cattle because it’s not just about what we are doing to provide for the cattle we currently care for. It’s also looking forward. There are new advances in cattle handling, care, and well-being made often. It’s important to look toward the horizon and imagine what the future of cattle feeding may look like while respecting where we’ve come from. I get the pleasure of helping implement some of these advancements.”


Anna Kate Link, Cattle Health Team Lead:

“For as long as I can remember, celebrating a birthday, holiday, graduation, or big life event in my family meant we were eating steak for supper, whether it was 90 or -9 degrees. My grandpa would pull the charcoal grill out, and before too long, the mouthwatering smell of steaks would fill the air, and later, our bellies. Much like my family, food is at the center of celebrations across the world. The United States Department of Agriculture predicted that in 2023, consumers would eat an average of 57 pounds of beef – translating into 114 8oz steaks, 228 quarter-pound hamburgers, or 456 Ball Park- All Beef Hot Dogs. Every member of the beef industry has a unique chance to make a small impact on the products that thousands of consumers will enjoy during some of the most cherished times of their lives.

Beef Quality Assurance educates, encourages, and empowers producers of all levels to utilize resources to raise and care for cattle under the best conditions possible and showcase the industry commitment to food safety, cattle well-being, and high-quality beef – instilling confidence in consumers worldwide and providing a roadmap for success to those industry wide.

Whether it is doctoring a sick steer, moving heifers through the snake in the processing barn, or watering bunks in the heat of the summer, my role as a floater allows me a hands-on role that ensures that the principles of BQA and superior animal care are utilized and followed when I’m caring for cattle. Through proper handling and an understanding of flight zones, I move cattle calmly and safely, resulting in less stress and injury whether it be in the mobile or moving through pens. Diligent attention to detail when doctoring ensures that medications are being placed properly, safely, and effectively – keeping the wellbeing of our cattle and bottom-line safe. It’s rewarding knowing that I am impacting the welfare, care, and product that will be enjoyed by families just like mine.

The importance of BQA, animal care, and consumer perception is showcased at Adams through continued education, outreach, and boots-on-the-ground leadership and action. Throughout the year, team members are constantly offered education opportunities such as lunch and learns with veterinarians, building crews, and industry professionals. In addition to these learning opportunities, every single Adams employee is BQA certified, regardless of their location in the company. This commitment to animal care and understanding sets Adams apart from others in the industry and truly allows all employees to be invested in the product we are raising.

Through education and outreach, Adams is actively shaping the next generation of beef enthusiasts, and flood social media with positive and truthful information about the process and people caring for and producing safe and sustainable beef. Through the 3rd-grade program, young minds are opened to the world of cattle feeding and the important role that Adams plays in protecting the environment while feeding families just like theirs. In addition to the 3rd-grade program, Youth BQA training assists in instilling important skills and sharing information that empowers youth to dig deeper into animal care, emergency preparedness and response, and consumer perception of the (potential award-winning) livestock that they are caring for and raising.

Through social media, Adams humanizes the cattle feeding industry, showcasing the people that work hard each day to care for cattle, the community, and our environment. This strategy stands out and instills confidence in consumers that whether they live in Broken Bow, Kansas City, or Chicago – their beef is being taken care of by people just like them, who care about the product that they will feed to their families and families just like theirs across the country.

The time and investments that Adams pours into employees, youth, and the local community solidify the importance and purpose of BQA company wide. It excites me that I am part of an organization that takes such pride and places the same amount of importance that I do on animal care, community involvement, and a bar of excellence that is set high. While I may not eat 114 8oz steaks, 228 quarter-pound hamburgers, or 456 Ball Park-All Beef Hot Dogs this year, I will come to work confident each day that the role that I play, and the impact Adams makes will surpass the BQA standards to continue to revolutionize cattle feeding, care, and sustainability for years to come.”

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