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We start by identifying all of the traits of the end product we want to provide for the consumer – tasty, safe, sustainable, high-quality beef. Then we reverse-engineer the entire system. What are the technologies, facilities and practices that will allow us to produce this superior product in the most efficient way possible?

That process has led to the creation of a technologically advanced cattle feeding and finishing business.

Every day we challenge the status quo, from how we manage pens, feed cattle, to using data to drive decisions throughout the organization.

Continuous Improvement

As part of our culture of continuous improvement, our teams across the organization utilize practices such as value stream mapping, Kaizen Blitzes, and business process management to improve efficiency, accuracy and effectiveness of our operations.

ALCC Meeting

BMI Sort

Most feedlots sort animals based strictly on weight – but we don’t. Our proprietary, patented process with a light curtain and scale, allows us to place cattle into marketing groups to manage days on feed, optimize carcass outcomes and produce a superior end product.

Traceability with Revoro

Our unique, proprietary software system, Revoro allows us to track each animal individually, from the day it enters our feedlot until the day it is processed. That gives us a complete life history of that animal at our fingertips when decisions about that animal’s wellbeing need to be made. Learn more about our focus on traceability through an animal’s journey

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