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Caring for
the Land
that Cares
for Us

Taking care of the land that allows us to finish 125,000 cattle at a time is an important responsibility and one we take seriously. As we have grown and expanded our operation over time, we have added many measures to help protect the land, such as runoff mitigation ditches to protect a creek that runs through the South feedlot. These features are designed so that runoff from the feedlot (during rainstorms, etc.) goes into containment ponds, keeping it separate from runoff from the fields, which goes into creeks.

Other design features allow us to collect and re-use resources such as water, effluent and manure, ensuring we optimize the benefits of these resources and reduce the environmental impact of the operation.

Land Stewardship

The South feedlot features several structures designed to help protect the environment, including ten evaporating ponds, 24 debris basins, seven holding ponds, two lift stations and one clean water diversion. These features help us manage manure, mitigate runoff and protect the environment. We’re proud of the fact that at Adams, we don’t just meet industry standards for stewarding the land – we exceed them.

Adams Lands


Adams Land and Cattle utilize the industry’s leading technologies to support a regenerative and sustainable farm practice while incorporating land practices that complete the cycle of crop production, feeding and animal production, compost byproduct recycling, soil fertility, cover crops, and carbon sequestration.

Over 10 years of progressive cover crop integration and, balanced application of compost products that reduce synthetic fertilizers and combine to reduce carbon footprint.

Drone and satellite imagery that highlight targeted management areas.

Research trials that focus on optimal seed genetics, soil/fertility balancing, and nitrogen microbe efficiency.

Soil scanning and mapping technology that profiles all of the field characteristics.

Variable rate technology on all equipment that leverages field maps only to apply what is needed for each specific attribute of the field. From Seeding to Fertility to Irrigation.

Irrigation monitoring and scheduling by cloud-based precision soil moisture probes.

Radio control of the entire irrigation system for monitoring and control throughout the farm network.

Real-time yield mapping from silage harvest equipment to support research efforts.
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