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Since our company began in the 1950s, our leaders have been committed to providing consistent, steady management in a dynamic, ever-changing industry. Learn more about our company’s leaders below.

Abram Babcock,

In February 2017, Adams Land and Cattle,LLC announced that Abram Babcock had been promoted to president of the Company.

Bill and I look forward to having Abram working beside us to lead the company. This has been an important decision for us, as we have worked on succession planning to ensure that our business is set up for generations to come. Abram’s ability to understand the business coupled with his growth in leadership and strong partnership with owners and the other vice presidents, gives us the confidence that we can continue to lead this company successfully.

Jerry Adams

Abram Babcock

Abram grew up on a farm in northeast Colorado and attended Colorado State University, majoring in Agricultural Business and Animal Science. He then went on to study at Kansas State University and received an M.S. in agricultural economics. Following graduation, Abram moved to Chicago and worked for Aon doing risk analysis on crop insurance portfolios. After a short stint in Chicago, Abram returned to Kansas State and received his Ph.D. in veterinary epidemiology, where he utilized historical feedlot data to quantify the economic impacts of Bovine Respiratory Disease. Abram joined the research & development team at Adams Land & Cattle in the summer of 2010. He spent his first three years at Adams focused on R&D strategy and execution. During the fall of 2013, Abram was promoted to vice president and has had the opportunity to oversee additional areas of the business, including operations, risk management, quality assurance & regulatory compliance, backgrounding, research &development, sales & marketing, and technical services.

Abram and his wife Elizabeth, who is also employed at Adams, reside in Broken Bow with their three children.

Jerry Adams,
Adams Land & Cattle, LLC

Jerry Adams is one of two major principals of Adams Land & Cattle, LLC, one of the premier feedlot operations in the world. The other major principal is his brother, Bill.

Jerry Adams

Jerry returned to his parents, Russell and Angenette, farm and backgrounding cattle feeding business in 1972, serving as company vice president.

Donnis picture of Jerry 10 2 (video)

He was one of only six employees. The company has since grown to an industry-leading cattle feeding company and North American supply driven backgrounding business. Jerry has served in most of the front line and management responsibilities in the Company as he has transitioned from vice president to president to his current CEO role. Jerry was born and raised in Broken Bow, Nebraska.

He attended the University of Nebraska at Lincoln, majoring in agricultural economics, animal science, and mathematics. He received his bachelor of science degree in 1971. He has been married to his wife Linda since 1972. They have three children – Amy, Melissa, and Scott – and seven grandchildren.

William Adams,
Chief Engineering Officer,
Adams Land & Cattle, LLC

Bill Adams is one of the two major principals of Adams Land & Cattle, LLC, one of the premier beef feedlot operations in the world.

The company’s other major principal is Bill’s brother Jerry. Together they serve as the board members of Adams Land & Cattle, LLC.

bill2 3 (2) (video)

Bill returned to Broken Bow to join the family farm and cattle business in 1974. The business has since grown from a 6,000 head backgrounding operation to an innovative cattle feeding operation with a backgrounding network extending throughout North America. Bill has been involved in every aspect of the business throughout the years, transitioning from vice president to president to his current role of Chief Engineering Officer.

Bill was born and raised in Broken Bow, Nebraska. He attended the University of Nebraska at Lincoln, majoring in agricultural economics and animal science. He also took several classes in agricultural engineering, which would turn out to be a real boon for Adams Land & Cattle over the years. Bill received his bachelor’s degree in 1972. After graduation he joined the Nebraska National Guard, married Connie and worked in Lincoln until Connie received her degree in elementary education in the summer of 1974. Bill and Connie have been married since 1973 and have three children – Kelley, Matt and Jill – and four grandchildren.

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