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One thing that ensures a high-quality, wholesome and nutritious end product is our ability to identify and monitor each animal as an individual. We call it Individual Animal Management, or IAM.

The day we purchase and place an animal at one of our 80-plus backgrounding operations, it receives an EID (electronic identification). From that moment on, everything that animal experiences is added to its records – what it eats and how much, how much weight it gains and how quickly, what veterinary decisions were made for that animal, etc.

An Animal's Journey

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We purchase animals that meet our quality standards at auction or direct from a ranch.

Video Verification

When the animals arrive at one of our backgrounding locations, we verify their quality using a video scoring system.


When the animal enters a backgrounding operation, it receives an electronic identification (EID) and its journey through our system begins.


Our unique, proprietary software system, Revoro allows us to track each animal individually, from the day it enters our feedlot until the day it is processed. Learn more about Revoro on our Efficiency and Innovation page.

Move to Finishing

Once cattle in the backgrounding operation meet specific criteria (such as weight), they then move into the finishing operation, at one of our three finishing feedlots, where they are sorted.

Finishing Operation

Here the animals are fed and cared for until they reach their finishing weight.

Harvest Verification

Animals ready to harvest are taken to our verification facility where their EID is scanned and they are electronically verified to make sure they are ready to go to the packing plant.


Verified animals are then taken to the packing plant and harvested for beef, and data is collected and uploaded to Revoro™. This data helps us better understand individual animal performance from purchase to harvest.

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