In the spring of 2008, Adams Land & Cattle, LLC began placing newly purchased calves into a handful of background yards in Nebraska, Iowa, and Manitoba. Over the years, our backgrounding program has grown to a capacity of over 100,000 head, utilizing more than 100 producers spread across 14 US states and 2 Canadian provinces.

Our goal is to allow these operations to restore good health and bring calves up on feed prior to entering our home finishing lot.

Adams Land & Cattle, LLC adds value to backgrounding with these extra benefits:

We market cattle year around

With bids in the majority of sale barns within the continental US, cattle flow in and out of our operation relatively fluidly and steadily throughout the year.

You can count on your relationship with us

Long-term relationships that work for both parties are important to us. Our Backgrounding Coordinators maintain a close professional relationship with our partners.

Payment turnaround is prompt

No waiting to be paid for your efforts, invoices are paid within ten days of receipt.

For more information, please contact our Backgrounding Coordinators by filling out the form below.

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