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Our Personal Approach to Buying Cattle Benefits You

We purchase cattle year-round from across the U.S. and Canada. Our unique production system allows us to purchase beef cattle of all types and sizes. We provide a consistent marketing option for your cattle, with a company you can trust. We will be glad to answer any questions and appreciate the opportunity to buy your cattle.

Why Sell Cattle to Adams Land & Cattle?


We understand that buying and selling cattle has to be fair for both parties. Our company is committed to offering you our best price and negotiating terms (shrinks & slides) that are fair and understandable. Adams Land & Cattle, LLC is one of the largest cattle buyers in the country and our growth has been largely due to the relationships that we have built. We believe that buying cattle should be personal and you will receive our full attention whether you are selling 50 head or 5,000.

We offer you the ability to price cattle for immediate or future delivery on a daily basis. This gives you the ability to take advantage of market swings to receive the best possible price for your cattle.

Selling your cattle doesn’t have to be complicated to see the maximum return on investment. Adams Land & Cattle provides a direct marketing opportunity that allows you to maximize the value of your cattle operation. The efficiency of dealing directly with our feedlots – coupled with data that will guide improvements – can be an advantage to you.

We buy beef cattle of any weight. While many buyers only want uniform truckload lots, we are able to buy your entire offering and sort them into their proper groups once they arrive at one of our finish yards. This ensures you receive the best possible price for all of your cattle.

Adams is able to provide you feedlot performance and carcass data at the EID level.

We are the sole supplier of Tyson’s new product, Brazen beef.  Brazen beef products are sourced from cattle meeting criteria established in Tyson Foods’ Climate Smart Beef Program.  With this program, producers are able to leverage technology while being paid for best practices.  Cattle must be BeefCARE certified, enrolled in the Climate Smart Beef program, and agree to provide data necessary to support emissions calculations. 

Sell directly to Adams Land & Cattle

Fill out the form below and indicate the program of interest (Conventional or Brazen) for your cattle.
Please note that Brazen cattle must be ranch raised, single-sourced, and the producer is willing to participate in a 3rd party audit.
Our cattle procurement team will be in touch with you shortly. 

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