Adams Land & Cattle, LLC's Wet Corn Program can provide many benefits to your operation. Our program allows you to start your harvest earlier, allowing for fall tillage. We encourage producers to deliver corn above 24% moisture with favorable shrinks at this level. With the early harvest start, field loss is minimized, and there’s no more worrying about an early snowstorm.

You can plant long season hybrids with confidence, and take advantage of the yield boost with these key benefits:

Allows Earlier Fall Field Work

Fall tillage of corn stalks is more easily accomplished. There is also a much better chance utilizing the valuable residue for grazing before snow cover and allows pastures to rest in the fall.

Supports Longer Season Varieties

Longer season corn normally has potential to yield more than short season corn. You have the opportunity to maximize your yield potential on your acres – giving you a wider selection of hybrids.

Increase Productivity

ALCC has extended hours, fast dumping time, and flexibility for your delivery needs. Avoid long lines at the elevator and get a jump-start on your harvest. Early harvest conditions are generally better than dry corn harvest conditions. Daylight hours are longer during high moisture corn harvest.

Reduce Field Loss

Early harvest allows you to maximize your out-of-field production. Our wet corn program minimizes the potential loss of bushels from ear drop, corn borer, stalk rot, and the chance to lose bushels to wind or an early winter snowstorm. Delaying harvest to allow grain to dry naturally increases risk of a weather event causing yield issues. A 4-year Purdue University study indicated maximum kernel dry weight occurred at 28.4% moisture. The study also found kernel dry weight decreased 1.1% for every point of moisture under 25%. Meaning if you harvest at 16% moisture you will lose 9.9% of your production compared to harvesting at 25% - 28.4%.

Eliminates Double Handling

By selling corn directly out of the field, you eliminate several factors in the process which will ultimately save you time and money. You will save bushels by handling your corn less. You will save money by not having to truck corn to your bin, auger, dry, condition, re-auger, and the re-haul your crop. Our wet corn program eliminates the high cost of drying and avoids possibly over drying your corn. There are no storage fees when you deliver high moisture corn direct to ALCC.

Decreases Capital Expenses

You can avoid the expenses required to build new handling tools such as additional bins sites, replacement augers and drying facilities. Our wet corn program minimizes the amount of equipment that you need to own. You can utilize your equipment over a longer harvest period. Spreading the workload over a longer period creates less stress on your operation.

We Offer Many Flexible Pricing Options

Adams Land & Cattle, LLC will forward contract corn on a hedge-to-arrive contract, basis contract, or flat price contract. Place a cash order with us and let us watch the market for you. Just let us know what price you’re looking for and if the market reaches that level we’ll sell your corn for you.

To review our Corn Discount Policy, please click here.

Put confidence back into your marketing plan by locking in a profit in advance of harvest. For more information please contact our Grain Originator today.