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We’re a technology company that feeds cattle. From proprietary software and sorting technology to mobile veterinary hospitals, throughout the years we have used technology to become an industry leader in feeding and finishing cattle.

Industry-leading Innovation Optimizes Efficiency and Product Quality

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Our unique, proprietary software system allows us to track each animal individually, from the day it enters our feedlot until the day it is processed. That gives us a complete life history of that animal at our fingertips when decisions about that animal’s well-being need to be made. Learn more about an animal’s journey through our system:

Most feedlots sort animals based strictly on weight – but we don’t. Our proprietary, patented Light Curtain technology measures animal height, using more than 100 measurements that are averaged to get the hip height. This allows us to place cattle into marketing groups to manage days on feed, optimize carcass outcomes and produce a high quality, nutritious and wholesome end product.

This unit allows us to take veterinary services out to the feedlot, meaning most times, we can treat the animal on the lot and return it to their home pen. That means less stress on the animal.

Seeking Out the Next Transformational Innovation

We are constantly evaluating new technologies, from how to automate processes to improving efficiency and finding better ways to produce high quality, safe and sustainable beef. If you have a technology that could help take us to the next level, we want to hear from you.

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