Adams Land and Cattle

2023 Adams Graduates

Congratulations to the 2023 Graduating Class!
We’d like to give a special congratulations to the graduates of our Adams Land & Cattle family! We wish you all the best of luck in your future plans!
Janel Daugherty (Broken Bow)
Granddaughter of Colleen (Senior Data Analyst) and Kevin Gates
Zane Druery (Anselmo-Merna)
Son of Will (Senior Cattle Procurement Coordinator) & Mindie Druery
Zackary Gaffney (Broken Bow)
Son of Kelley Gaffney (Accountant) & Howard Gaffney
Grandson of Bill and Connie Adams (Owners)
Sydney Jacobsen (Broken Bow)
Daughter of Jeremy (IT Director) & Nicole Jacobsen
Layton Lindner (Broken Bow)
Grandson of Brad (Heavy Equipment Operator) & Kina Brockley
Kyle McAlexander (Elkhorn South)
Son of Ryan (Vice President) & Sandra McAlexander
Sid Miller (Anselmo-Merna)
Son of Michelle (Director of Organizational Development & CI) & Brett Miller
Noah Osmond (Broken Bow)
Son of Tom (Data Warehouse/ETL Developer) & Kristie Osmond
Mary-Jean Sherbenaut (Broken Bow)
Daughter of Carl Sherbenaut (Feed Truck Driver)
Granddaughter of John (Mechanic) & Vivian Sherbenaut
Congratulations, seniors from Adams Land & Cattle!
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