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Youth AQA

11th Annual Youth Animal Quality Assurance Training

At Adams, we have a passion for animal wellbeing as well as quality assurance for consumers. We ❤️ sharing this knowledge and commitment with the community and area youth.
We partnered up with Nebraska Extension in Custer County and held our 11th Annual Youth Animal Quality Assurance Training for over 160 4-H and FFA kids.
We were honored to have Jesse Fulton, Director of Nebraska Beef Quality Assurance, join the training to share the importance of good character, ethics and humane treatment of animals.
A big thank you to our sponsors and volunteers: Dr. Deanna Hardee and Kyle Key from Merck Animal Health Cattle, Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health USA Inc., and the many ALCC and NE Extension employees who helped make the day a success!
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